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Hawaii HIS Corporate Vision

Become Hawaii's first "Total Service Innovation Leader" by
co-creating value to our consumers for their travel needs.

We actively participate in tourism development by creating content that showcase the allure of Hawaii. We strive to continue to promote tourism in Hawaii as we share its charm worldwide.

We would like our customers to experience Hawaii’s culture, history, natural wonders, and economics. We strive to further develop Hawaii’s tourism industry and contribute to revitalizing Hawaii’s economy.

As a global corporate group trusted worldwide, we create travel plans; from reservations to getting you to your destination, and providing unrivaled services abroad. We look to expand for a vertically integrated business.

In 2018, customers have been enjoying a scenic ride along in historic Ko’olina. This joint venture with the Hawaiian Railway Society gives visitors a historic look of West Oahu. The popular pastry of a long-established bakery founded in 1950 was incorporated into the experience, and a local taste of the historic Hawaii was enjoyed easily by Japanese customers.

Going forward, HIS strives to work alongside local businesses, focusing on culture, fine arts, and artist development. With our products, our Japanese visitors gain insight to the local Hawaiian culture and way of life. We continue to seek ways to contribute to the local economy.

Message from the President

(The Sun at the Source of Life)

  • Heal by HawaiiHawai i: Paradise of the Pacific where nature meets the sun
  • Feel by HawaiiFor more people to experience Hawaii without regards to race, culture and/or religions
  • Love by HawaiiWith the spirit of Aloha, our staff will take care of each and every traveller

Aloha Nui Loa (with much Aloha)

Corporate Philosophy of the H.I.S. Group

Corporate Philosophy
To work in accordance with the laws of the universe and contribute to the creative development of humanity and world peace.
Basic Policy
Change & Create

Hawaii HIS is a member of the H.I.S. group.

H.I.S. CO. Ltd, our headquarters, is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. The H.I.S. group currently has over 100 affiliate companies, each with diverse business ventures. The H.I.S. Group is a well-known trusted company that is recognized globally, providing superior services in travel to various destinations worldwide. We strive for business expansion aiming to vertically integrate businesses consisting of the four pillars: "travel", "hotels", "theme parks" and new business".

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