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LeaLea means "Joy" "Happiness"

In Hawaiian, LeaLea means "happiness" and "joy". The "honu" and a plumeria lei intertwined into one represents the LeaLea trademark. The "honu" as they are called in Hawaiian, are green sea turtles that are believed to have brought the ancient Polynesian saliors to Hawaii. The plumeria lei with its enticing frangrance and elegant beauty warmly welcomes all visitors. With the LeaLea product line, HIS Hawaii strives to deliver happiness and joy to our valued customers.

Real Estate

Hawaii Square

HAWAII SQUARE is about all things Hawaii, we are here to facilitate your experience of Hawaii through more than just travel and tourism. If you are interested in real estate, expanding your Hawaii business to the Japanese market, or have general questions about anything related to Japan or the islands, we are here to guide and assist you as Hawaii, Japan, and business professionals and through the HIS Japan network. We are here to help you.

URL: https://hawaiisquare.com/


LeaLea Lounge

Located on the 3rd floor of the Royal Hawaiian Center, in the heart of Waikiki, this 6400 square feet space supports a convenient and comfortable stay. The lounge offers free drinks, Wi-Fi, internet usage, a kids’ room, powder room among other services. LeaLea Lounges are also available inside the Hilton Hawaiian Village and Hyatt Regency Waikiki. In total we provide three lounges in Oahu and we continue to work to improve our services to please customers.

LeaLea Airport Lounge

While waiting for flights at Honolulu Airport, customers can relax at the LeaLea Lounge. Light meals and drink services including alcohol, free Wi-Fi, flight information, a kids’ room and other services are provided.


LeaLea Trolley

With the most trolley routes and stops on Oahu, we run from the center of Honolulu, Waikiki, to Kahala and to downtown. Our 14 routes includes stops in most desired destinations such as Diamond Head, and in the evenings east and west "dinner"routes takes you to the most coveted restaurants in Honolulu. In April, 2019, Lea Lea Trolley has the most routes and stops.

LeaLea Shuttle Service / LeaLea Airport Shuttle

For "Ciao" customers, this complimentary shuttle service offers transportation from the Honolulu Airport to Waikiki as well as free transportation from Lea Lea Lounges to various hotels.


LeaLea Market Originals

Come visit LeaLea Market Originals shop located at the entrance of Sheraton Waikiki (next to hallway to ALOHA LANDING Parking). Our customer can create their own beach sandals with various colors and lot of charms for you to choose – flowers, fruits, corals, sea shells, HONUs, alphabets, and “ALOHA”,”MAHALO” and “HAWAII” charms. Show your creativity, make the experience part of your best memories in Hawaii. Also, we have a wide selection of Hydroflask, Goodr Sunglasses, Surfer Towel and Hawaiian souvenir items to your home!

URL: http://www.lealeamarket.com/

The Consignment Garage

The Consignment Garage, a consignment store specializing on sports /outdoor gear and memorabilia opened February 2022 in the Harbor Center in Pearl City, Oahu. Whether you are looking to sell or buy, Consignment Garage is the place to be! "Recycle, resell and repurpose"

URL: https://www.instagram.com/the_consignment_garage/

Print Media

LeaLea Magazine

Since 2006, this free magazine available throughout Hawaii, has been publishing wide range of information useful to visitors. The 50th issue was published in October, 2018, as we continue to showcase hotspots around Hawaii including trendy restaurants, spas, hotels, optional tours, and special events. The first issue of Lea Lea magazine was published in October, 2014 Fall-Winter Vol. 1. Since then, Lea Lea Magazine is found throughout bookstores and convenience stores in Japan well as Amazon.co.jp., and our Shinjuku san-chome location.

URL: https://magazine.lealeaweb.com/59/book/

Island of Hawaii Magazine

For those visiting the island of Hawaii, this free magazine introduces optional tours, shops, and restaurants available on the island of Hawaii.
*Joint issue with Wincubic.com, Inc. "Aloha Street Editorial Department".

URL: https://lealeatours.com/big-island-activities/

My Little Adventure – Snorkeling Activity Book

Our first ever children’s activity book was published in March 2022 in collaborating with young and gifted artists and their Visual Design teacher at Kapolei High School. This initiative was led by our Co-writer and Illustrator, Younghee Cho and Tiffany Walker in an effort of reaching out to the local community in Hawaii under the long-standing pandemic, and to make something fun for people, especially children, to look forward to. The answer book can be download at Here.

Island of Oahu Magazine

For those visiting the island of Hawaii, this free magazine introduces optional tours, shops, and restaurants available on the island of Hawaii.
*Joint issue with Wincubic.com, Inc. "Aloha Street Editorial Department".

URL: https://lealeatours.com/

Web・Social Media

LeaLea Web

Comprehensive site that offers the latest information for customers to enjoy Hawaii through blogs, news articles and optional tours. Provides tourist information and news from live reports (word-of-mouth, reputation, popularity and recommendations) from staff living in Hawaii.

URL: https://www.lealeaweb.com/

LeaLea Blog

Blogs from staff working in Hawaii branch offices that offer their personal experiences. Check out the blogs each day for the latest local news.

URL: https://blog.his-j.com/honolulu/

LeaLea Market

A site that allows customers in Japan to purchase popular items from Hawaii. Hawaiian variety goods and food introduced in the LeaLea magazine can be purchased from the internet. We have many select items chosen for customers.

URL: http://www.lealeamarket.com/

Like! HAWAII | Facebook

Since October 2018 Like! Hawaii has gained a lot of interest with 61,225 Likes and 9,669 people writing in. For people interested in Hawaii, want to go or like Hawaii this is the place to freely exchange information.

URL: https://www.facebook.com/likehawaii.jp/


A social network service that posts pictures allowing people to visually enjoy Hawaii.

URL: https://www.instagram.com/lealeahawaii/

LeaLea Tours

LeaLea Tours offers exciting activities and experiences for visitors to Oahu, Maui, Island of Hawaii and Kauai. Pearl Harbor tours, Hawaii Volcano National Park tours, Haleakala Sunrise tours, Manta Rays Snorkeling, Exhilarating Luaus and other unforgettable experiences await you with LeaLea Tours.

URL: https://lealeatours.com/


LeaLea Vacation Rentals

Affordable condos or single homes for long and short-term stays can be booked through pictured brochures and videos. From one-week stays to a month long stay, over 230 have booked with us. Japanese language assistance is available for your convenience.

URL: https://www.lealeavacationrentals.com/